Ocean’s 12

Just saw this movie today. Not very smart as the last one. The last one had an amazing story, one continuous thread running from start to finish.

This one felt completely contrived as if the writer and director were trying too hard to be smart. The French jokes were kind of lame. I think the media is beginning to overdo this “French” humor that seems to be going around.

The bit about Julia Roberts’ character in the movie starts playing Julia Roberts was especially. I don’t think it added anything to the movie. The cameo appearance by Bruce Willis was ridiculous. One of the reason why I think that Ocean’s 11 was so popular was it’s stellar cast. In this one it seemed as if they were forcing good looking actors and actresses to increase the movies popularity.

As a rule, sequels are as good as the originals (exceptions being “Lord of the Rings” and the “Star Wars” trilogy (episodes IV, V and VI only) ), and Ocean’s 12 was no exception.

The previews before the movie were good. I’m looking forward to them, sometime next year.


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