Other Movies I Saw this Week …

The Big Lebowski Not sure what the point of this one was but after you see “Fargo”, then you realize that may be there is really no point to their stuff

The Core Boring mindless fun. The hacker was atrocious. Are hackers as far-fetched like that? That was one of the worst caricatures of computer hackers ever. I think its been done so many times, I can’t even laugh about it any more. The movie was a little far-fetched, but then that what movies like these are. Boring mindless fun on a cold, dreary December evening in NY.

Spider Man 2 Excellent Movie!!! One of the rare sequels that are actually as good, if not better than, as the original. The last scene where Peter Parker’s best friend finds the secret room with the Green Goblin means that a third movie is probably in the works. Hopefully it will be as good.

The special effects were awesome, and makers tied up the store from the first one to the sequel very well. The story this time is much different. The last time, the main chracters are in a phase of exploration, finding who they are and what they are becoming, and, finally, taking themselves a little too seriously. Consider this line “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

In this one, its about the alienation, rejection, and finally acceptance. As a thematic element, I thought it was much more mature and therefore, more appealing. (To me).

The people who chose the soundtrack seemed to have a very earthy taste in rock. The first one of the soundtrack is an awesome number by Dashboard Confessionals.

Here are some of my favorites.

Vindicated from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Dashboard Confessional

from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Train (I was kind of surprised that this one got through. Not my taste but may appeal to someone)

Hold On
from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Jet: These guys are awesome. They kind of sound like the Rolling Stones. In fact, when I first heard their song “Will you be my girl?” I actually thought this was something from the Rolling Stones from their early days).

Gifts and Curses from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Yellowcard

This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Taking Back Sunday (Not so good)

Give It Up from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Midtown

Lucky You from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Lostprophets

Who I Am from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Smile Empty Soul

The Night That the Lights Went Out in NYC from the album “Spider-Man 2” by The Ataris

We Are from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Ana

Someone to Die For from the album “Spider-Man 2” by Jimmy Gnecco & Brian May


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