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I don’t think much of the new Dune novels, by Frank Herbert son, Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson, the original novels are in a class onto themselves.

Herbert’s exploration of the consequences of the dependence of human civilization on one critical substance (in his case, a mind-enhancing drug) is an ominous reminder of our own addiction to oil originating from a region with its own myths, legends and faith.

The problem with the newer novels is that BH and KA didn’t explore the universe as well as FH did. FH created a universe into which his characters played a part. Instead, BH and KA, created a universe from their characters. I don’t know if this is some writing technique, but it was kind of disappointing. My own fascination with Dune is not really with the characters but the universe described in Dune, and how it shaped the characters in the novels.

I made some more notes on Dune two or three years ago in my private journal. I think I’ll post them sometime.


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