Netflix: I, Robot

Netflix: I, Robot
This was a good movie. The movie is loosely based on Asimov’s collection of the short stories about robots (or droids in Star Wars parlance or androids if you prefer Star Trek). The three laws are extensively quoted and it turns the logic of the three laws on itself saying that sometimes the created will turn on the creators for their own “percieved” good.

I think the point where the robots go breserk and try to take over the world was inspired from the Zeroth law that Asimov wrote about in his “Foundation and Earth” where explorers final come to meet the 20,000 year old robot Daneel Olivaw (who first appears in “Caves of Steel”). The Zeroth law was something like a robot must preserve humanity under all circumstances. The first, second, and third laws are modified, as a consequence of the Zeroth law, in that as long as they do not conflict with Zeroth law.

Anyway, the point that Asimov and the makers of the movie, that we should be careful of what we create and the way we delegate power to our things that we create. That includes not only computers or machines, but also laws, conventions, and tradition. These creations may take a life of their own. Once something takes a life of their own and then it will find a way of its own. That line is used a lot in movies. It was used in I, Robot and, I seem to recall, in the Jurassic Park movies.


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