Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity: This was a very disappointing movie. Even the action sequences were’nt as good as the first or second one. Instead the super-vampire the vampires had resurrected from the Syrian/Iraq desert, was just some slow moving oaf who mouthed off some seemingly heavy lines as if to show that the burden of his eternal life. The filmmakers threw in the main character from Van Wilder for some comic relief, but after a while even that got unberable. A lot of Macs and iPods were prominently featured. I guess Apple must have paid the producers quite a lot of money for product placement. They should be smarter about their money and not waste their money on dud movies.

Click if you want to have a sense of accomplishment of having seen all the movies of the Blade trilogy in the theater, otherwise wait for the the DVD. Or better yet, don’t do anything at all.


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