Netflix: The Stepford Wives

I saw The Stepford Wives last night. I did’nt quite get it. I understood in the end that this super-woman was trying to undo the technology that had wrecked her marriage through the same technology she was so adept in. What I did’nt get was the part where robot facsimiles and the brain implants come in. At one point, there is a hint that all the women were robots or androids and all the human wives were killed or dissappeared. Then during the third or second last scene, where they show Joanna and her husband go down in the cellar, actors mentions something about the women having a brain implants which programs them to act like “real” women. So which was it? Did they put implants in their brains and use them to control them or did they replace the women with robots that resembled them, or did they use the robots for all the house hold works (which is kind of cool actually, since no one, man or woman, would’nt appreciate the utility of a personal robot) and the real thing for more biological functions, e.g. SEX?

Maybe I should see the original movie…


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