In Between Worlds…

Last weekend I decided to finally move away from my blogger account and start using wordpress. I chose WordPress because it offered categories and the ability to import my entries from blogger easily.

Unfortunately, the move has’nt gone down smoothly. The wordpress import feature does’nt seem to be working very well for me. It imports only a the first few entries, and imports multiple copies. And then its one quarter of the way through it stops working and freezes. I want to blame wordpress about this, but I know that blogger has been behaving erratically the past week or so. Yesterday, some blogger bot decided that my blog had the characteristics of a spam-blog. I had just posted a lot of pictures and was linking them from flikr and that was reason enough apparently. It could be that the import feature was behaving erratically because of that. And right now its down for server maintenance. WTF??

Plus, I dont think blogger/google folks are going to be very pleased with a seamless way of import entries on their servers, so they may be trying to block, or so I think.

Anyway, this morning while I was at work, I thought it might be a good idea to write my own program to transfer my entries. It might be a nice little project to brush my python or C# or Java or whatever. A little sleepy right now. Gotta think about this a little more.


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