Mac OS X Blues Part III

I’ve giving Disk Warrior a last chance. Its running right now.
Anyway, there was some progress, since the last entry.
I managed to find the director that’s corrupted. Apparently its my home directory. The funny thing is that while it gives me a an I/O error when getting the listing for that directory, I can cd to one of the sub directories. That’s the reason why I’m so hopeful that I may be able to repair the hard drive.
Anyway I booted up in Single-User mode (Turn on the Mac with the Apple Key pressed). I ran fsck -f, and then mounted the hard drive. Once it was mounted, I could create directories. I quickly copied my iTunes and Desktop settings to the recently created directory.
I’m going to let Disk Warrior run for as long as it runs. If that fails, I’m going to get an external hdd, and copy the data to it, and then attempt to do a low-level format, and reinstall Mac OS X. Stay Tuned for more details.

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