Performance Plug-in for Firefox

This is definitely the best blogging tool I’ve come across in long time. I’ve used the web-based editor from blogger, Ecto (for both Macs and Windows), some other silly tools written in Visual Basic 6.0, but the level of integration, and convenience that Performancing is just incredible. Press or the click on the icon on the bottom of your browser, and the scren splits and displays the editor. You’ve got your standard. You can look at the page that inspired you to post, and browse the web as you write. And I think its all written in plain old JavaScript.

As a side note, the more and more I read about JavaScript, the more I’m beginning to appreciate its strength as an applicaiton delivery platform. Coupled with a good browser, there’s very little you can’t do with JavaScript.

Anyway one problem is solved. Getting good wordpress/Blogger blog posting plugin for Firefox.


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