My 2 cents on the penny, that’s actually 2.8 cents

April 22, 2006

The New York Times had an interesting article on much a single penny costs to manufacture. With the rise of the prices of metals, a single worthless penny (to me anyway, because I hardly every use it) costs about 1.4 cents. As for me, I’ve always hated the penny. Not a single vending machine ever accepts it, and if every want to use it at a retailers I never haven enough. I think they should do away with it.

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Red Hat Acquires JBoss

April 15, 2006

Don Dodge had an interesting take on the recent acquisition of open-source based company JBoss by Red Hat. He compared the acquisition to the incident in "Tom Sawyer" when Tom suckers a bunch of kids to paint a fence.

Here's what I wrote in response.

I tend to think OSS contributers as amateur sports-men and women. People who play sports on an amateur level are play because they love the game. They know that they'll never have the same recognition like the people who play sports professionally. Just participating is good enough for us.I think OSS developers feel the same way. I think what drives them is the hunch that may be, just may be they can write that great algorithm, or routine, or application that's better than the one developed in a traditional development environment.