Rocketboom: Losing the Boom

Rocketboom, the most popular video blog covering internet news, has let go its charismatic star anchorwoman Amanda Congdon. She has posted her own video giving information on what happened on her own “Unboomed” website. I’m hoping she gets going with her own thing; her writing, performances, and personality were the best part of the show.

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Rocketboom’s collapse became news yesterday when Digg reported that Amanda Congdon, Rocketboom’s host has been fired. Then Robert Scoble picked it and posted alternative hosts for rocketboom.

Its funny that how the end of something can bring something new. I’ve just started reviewing these vlogs. I really enjoyed Rocketboom both for its content and its “presentation” 😉 and subconciously I’m still comparing them to Rocketboom, even though I know I should focus on being more objective. For more info go to


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