Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Saw the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest today. This movie starts where the last one left. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan are about to be married, and Commodore Norrington is out chasing Captain Jack Sparrow, and like all middle movie of trilogies ends on a cliffhanger. Firsts the comparisons. The first movie was like the Disney ride on celluloid. This is was more of the same. The characters were the same with the same attitudes and the same running after something of value, the race, the sword fights, the same cartoonish make-ups and special effects. While the first one was extremely enjoyable, this one seemed to be over complicated and more tiresome. Think of it as a great song on your iPod. You eagerly download because you liked it so much, and put it in your playlists so that it repeats over and over again. Then you reach a point where even though you still like the song you cant bear to hear it anymore. It was the same thing with this movie as well. I kind of felt that constant barrage of excitement was a little too much.

The other thing that was a little off-putting was the complexity of the story. I counted like four plotlines in the story. Other reviewers have put the plotlines to five. The story tried to tie in to the backstory of the movie. For example (Spoiler Alert here) How Jack Sparrow got the Black Pearl, what’s with the compass that does’nt work, Bootstrap Turner, etc, what happened to Commodore Norrington, etc. The other thing that I did’nt like was the villain. Captain Davy Jones was nowhere as cool as Captain Barbossa, and his reappearance at the very end of the movie was a bit of a relief at the end. For me it was a good way to set the stage for the 3rd movie (which was reportedly filmed the same time as the 2nd movie). How Captain Barbossa returned to life after being dispatched in the 1st is not explained. I guess that’s part of the cliffhanger. I guess the other important bad guy or the bad entity here is the East India Company. Not much is explained about that. Initially Will Turner is sent to retrieve a compass, and then that’s suddenly changed to getting Davy Jone’s live heart. That was a little confusing for me. The most obvious explanation was that whoever got control of the heart would have leverage over Davy Jones, and that meant control of the seas. But the compass always pointed in the direction of what the user really wanted. We know that it was’nt the treasure that East India company wanted it was something else. Perhap’s the 3rd will tell us more.


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