Day 2 of the Blogging Resolution…

Unfortunately, I did’nt manage to get my blog entry online before midnight 12:00 am Jan 3rd. I keep postponing blogging to the last thing that I do.  However, with a little creative interpretation of my new year resolution to update my blog, I think I can still keep up with the resolution. My day has’nt really ended yet. I generally go to bed after midnight so I’m still writing about Jan 2nd.

I’m keeping up with the spirit of the resolution. I think that’s what’s important 

I don’t have much to report about today, except for the long 8 hour slog at work. I wanted to get some work done on the little project I was working on in my time, but have’nt managed to put any time in it. My todo list for today will not be complete, even after this blog entry.  What I need to do is try and have a running blog entry.


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