Link Lists

I was reading some this last Sunday, and I realized that I really needed to revise some of my data structures again. So I dug some link list problems from this here. Once I’m done with the link lists problems, I’ve got to do some binary trees exercises listed there.

I wish I could remember how to program these data structures and algorithms all the time, but they never seem to stick in my mind. I went through this same exercise around June or July of ’06, and I bet I’ll be doing this again a six or seven months from now.

In other stuff I’m having fun with Lisp again. The last time I had looked at lisp code was back in 2000. This time however, I’m going through Paul Graham‘s book[Ansi Common Lisp ]. Its a little fast-paced, but I like the challenge. Its terseness is nice and lets me focus on what I want to learn.


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