Writing in my journal

Apart from this blog, I also maintain hand-written journal, which I found to somewhat more personal than thumping text onto a keyboard. The look and feel of ink flowing onto creamy white paper is really wonderful to write and look at after its done. In the fall of 2003, I broke my cheap Chinese-made fountain pen. I was so angry about it, that for a time I actually refused to write in my journal.

Eventually, I relented, and I tried using pencils and then tried using ball-points and felt-tip pens. None of them really worked out for me. Writing became hard and I eventually stopped making entries. Anyway around June 2005, I found these Shaeffer pens that cost about $10 with ink cartridges used for beginners in calligraphy. I bought them and have been using them ever since (interspersed with long intervals).

This year, I made a resolution that blogging and writing in my journal is going to be a daily part of my daily routines. So tonight I looked through various websites looking for fountain pens. Some of them a really expensive,costing in the hundreds. I’m looking for something less than $50. Anyone know of any brand??


3 Responses to Writing in my journal

  1. cyleft says:


    I stumbled on your blog whilst trying to find out, in very simple terms, what the hell boost::bind was invented for, and solid examples of what it’s good for. I’ve gathered that it’s for using functions in STL algorithms, but my heads not got round that yet.

    Aaanyway, I read more of your blog, without knowing why, and I came across this post. Well, since highschool, I’ve always admired Parker as a great brand of pens here in the UK, and I thought you might wanna see this one http://www.penandpaper.co.uk/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1382

    I hope you find this useful, it would be nice to get a reply as well. Have fun,


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