About Making New Content…

I left work early today.

Having barely slept an hour or two at the most the previous night, I decided that five pm was time for me to go home.

So I’m drove down on Rt. 31, listening to NPR’s show “All Things Considered”, and they introduced a segment by telling the listeners about how the hardest thing about any creative activity is getting started.

I thought it was some self-help stuff, and if there is anyone who needs help its me, I listened on.

It was actually about a music website that invited bands to let go of all their inhibitions and just make the music. The goal was to complete an entire album (about 35 minutes) in Febuary’s 28 days. The reporter reminded people that the real reason they wanted to cut an album was not about saving enough money for studio time, or writing the next great song, but simply for the joy of creating music. Perfection, Polish, Poise, Placement etc, really had nothing to play in that.

Its the same thing with my writing this blog. I’m reminding myself that the reason why I’m writing here is to have an avenue for me to talk. Even if its to myself, which I know that in certain cultures, is considered a sign of insanity. Perfection, articulateness, technique, organization of thought is not a goal. Some people will say that I should make it a goal. I say no. This needs to be vehicle of my expression. And for this I dont need to punish myself of not having something smart, or profound, or eloquent to say. All I have to do is say it.

I think I just said it.:-)


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