Coding in Lisp

I was kind of bored so I started playing around with a little Lisp program I wrote. The CLisp compiler was throwing a strange compiler error on a (if… () () ) statement in a function that I had written. I stared at it for sometime, but I could’nt figure out what was wrong. It seemed legal code to me. About 15 minutes of bleary-eyed staring at the screen and (screen staring back at me), I realized that I had written an if statement as if I was writing C++. I don’n t know about others but sometimes its hard for me to switch between languages even if I know them well. I often mix-up syntaxes. This used to happen to me when I was learning C after having learnt Pascal. I would often start writing Pascal code when I should have been writing C. Its kind of funny to think about it right now, but its very frustrating when you’re actually coding and you have to deal with silly compilation problems.


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