Too cold to blog but trying anyway.

The weather here in CNY has become national news. Being somewhat uninteresting, its gratifying to know that at least someone is noticing us, even its becoming excessive. The Syracuse-Liverpool-Baldwinsville area got only a fraction of the snowy havoc that Oswego on Lake Ontario got. The cold weather has been playing with my sinus, and most days I’ve just been functional enough to get myself to work, “work”, and then get back home.

Obviously, with all this blogging and any other anciallary activity has taken a backseat. I was planning to go to the Syrcause 2007 Autoshow at the Oncenter, this weekend, but driving down I-81 South with all the snow just didnt sound very appealing. I guess its postponed to next year.

I got some old James Bond and got a chance to compare the different actors playing James Bond. Has anyone ever noticed that how in the first few movies, the opening sequence would show Sean Connery in a fedora in profile walking and then suddenly jump and shoot his gun. Its clownish and hilarious! Its kind of hard to describe. I think I need to post a few clips. Contrast this with the newer movies with Pierce Brosnan where he would have a “suave” turn.


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