Pinging the Blogosphere … The Online Job Market

Now here is a post about the online job market being broken. The author gives various reasons why the online job market is not working, but I think he or she has missed a curcial point. The economy has been expanding for the past couple of years. The supply for the technology talent has not kept up with demand. As a result, it has become hard to recruit top talent at an affordable price, because the likes of Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have a voracious appetite for talent, pushing prices up, and making talent scarce. This is not evidence that the market is broken. This is evidence that the market is working.

They dont have to worry. There is already talk that there will be a market correction by the end of the year, and the economy might slip into recession. I have a prediction that someone is going to write a post about how there is a glut of talent, but not enough vacancies. \

BTW, Really smart talented people will always be scarce. The author did get this part right. These people are not and will not be looking for jobs. They already have jobs they like, or they have lined up jobs they want to work on next.


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