C# Training: Day 1

Here is what I learn’t today. I’m a very mediocre programmer in C# because I dont know it very well. However, with the information I have so far, I have a feeling that most of the strength of C# comes from its extremely tight and very well-done integration with Visual Studio 2005. My question is this. How much of a role does an IDE play in a language’s popularity? I always suspected that it had a big role. Take me for an example, one of the primary reason why I’m still using windows is that I find Visual Studio so much easy to use compared to emacs, and I never really bothered to learn vi. And Visual Studio is a big reason why I’ve never moved to Linux as my primary desktop. Plus all my jobs have been in Windows-centric development shops.

Today’s lecture was mostly getting started with C# and familiarizing ourselves with the development environment and with the basic constructs of the language itself. They are mostly similar with C++ so did not have to pay too much attention. The instructor is funny and keeps a lively atmosphere in the classroom.


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  1. […] in C#. This training came on the heels of a 5-day trainig course in C# held the previous week. (see here, here and here for more about that). I did not enjoy this training as much as I had enjoyed the […]

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