C# Training: Days 2 & 3

So I ‘m at the midpoint of the training. Day 2 was interesting where we learned about classes and objects, and there was some discussion of OO techniques. The one feature I really like about Visual Studio 2005 is the Object test bench. Now that is something I can really use at work.

Day 3 was about Collections, generics, Winforms, and ADO.Net. Of these the only thing that I fould interesting was generics. I actually went through the entire excercise and lab. I really like the way generics have been integrated with C# and the way the IDE is aware of them. In contrast, the Visual C++ compiler gives some of the most cryptic error messages when it comes to templates. But then templates are far more powerful than generics. I think by limiting generics for their role in collections and not expanding them to meta-programming like in C++, their use will become easier.

If I had been the one organizing this training, I would’nt have gone around doing it the way it has been done. I would have provided everyone of the developers the new Visual Studio environment, and given each of them a good C# book. I would have told them that they had exactly two weeks to learn the basics of the language. The real traing would have covered topics along the lines of

  • Framework design
  • UI Components/Controls design and implementation
  • Interop
  • Use of C++/CLI to write mix-mode applications and components. This is important because most of our code is in C++/MFC circa 1998.

I think it was pretty condescending of the organizer of the training to think that we needed help in learning how to write classes and objects, when we could have learnt about it on our own.


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