C# training: Days 4 & 5

My week-long training in C# and .Net came to an end today. Today the main topic of discussion was Interop, some form controls that might be interesting, brief coverage of topics like the use of attributes and multithreaded.

While I’m going to give high marks to the instructor, in hindsight the course material should have been selected with some care. The impression that was prevalent in the group was that the course was actually designed for people who had been programming in VB6 and had not heard of the newer technologies. This is probably the reason why the instructor went into painstaking detail about the C#’s language constructs and ridiculous amounts of details on .Net features that seemed to be trivial.

Inspite of all that, I think I gained some information that was of value. One thing that I learnt was about data visualizers. That is something that can be really useful. One way data visualizers can be used is related to debugging intermediate steps for image processing.

Next week, its Winforms training March 28th through March 30th, 2007.


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