Munjed’s Middle Eastern Cafe

Today, I went to Munjed’s. This as the name suggests is a middle eastern restaurant. Its a Saturday night as I write this, and there was’nt a crowd even though Westcott street is full of student residences for folks attending Syracuse University. I guess its spring break or something. Anyway, we got seating immediatly. I ordered the chwarma dinner, which was delicious. The beef was very tender and well done. Normally, I prefer my beef to be medium-rare, I guess the spices in which the food was prepared in really made it worhwhile. Served with pita bread and humus, the meal was delicious. The nice part of the place was that the portions werereally reasonable. I topped it off with some baklava, which was delicious, but not as delicious as some of the home-made baklava I’ve had.

The way chwirma was served at Munjed’s was different from other places where I’ve ordered chwirma. First, it was spelt differently. Normally, I’ve seen written as “shwarma”. Secondly, it was served already wrapped in the pita bread, not seperate like at Mujed’s. I guess it allowed for people having different preferences. The falafel was awesome. Other folks in my party ordered various forms of kebabs like sheesh kebabs and chicken kebabs, which were also highly regarded. I guess I’ll have to try those the next time I go there.

Here’s a review.


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