Ichiban vs. Tokyo Seoul

image  vs

So now that I’ve had Hibachi at both places, I thought I could do a quick comparison

  1. Taste: Both are excellent!! Let me say that again. Both are Excellent. I really enjoyed my meals at both places, and would recommend both places to anyone. I had the sea food platter at Ichiban and the filet mignon at Tokyo Seoul.
  2. Pricing: Ichiban is more expensive than Tokyo Seoul.
  3. Location: Tokyo Seoul is on Erie Boulevard, close to Armory Square. Ichiban is on Old Liverpool Road so its a bit of a hike if you are planning for a night of drinking afterwards.
  4. Hibachi Showmanship: Ichiban’s chef’s jugglery with his utensils  was more entertaining.
  5. The Wait: Reservations are a must. So do call ahead if you are planning to visit, especially during the weekend.

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