The Black Hole Travel Agency

Among my favorite science fiction books have been about the Black Hole Travel Agency By Jack Mckinney. Sadly these books are out of print, and were not very popular as the author’s other series. I, however, enjoyed them a lot.

The reason why I was reminded of those books was the recent news that Microsoft had made a hostile takeover bit for Yahoo!. In the books I just mentioned, Earth was this enfeebled planet hobbled by bureaucracy, lumbering politically correct and risk-averse culture run by the United Nations and all of her inhabitants were chafing for some change and a kick in the back side.(Think Yahoo! as Earth). On the other hand, the Black Hole Travel Agency was this galactic corporation, with a monopoly over space travel through singularity gates (Think Microsoft with its Office and Windows monopoly).

In the books, the Black Hole Travel Agency decides to take over planet Earth, because it has run out of ideas on how to milk its monopoly, and that certain stake holders have started to cannibalize the corporation for further profit rather than growing the business. However, some inhabitants of Yah.. (err, I mean Earth), decided that being assimilated into Black Hole wasn’t a good idea and decide to fight back, even though the leadership, while outwardly opposed to the deal, are leaning to agree to the hostile takeover.

Other parallels from the books are Hazmat, a planet with very advanced AI technology, that Black Hole alternatively destroyed and nurtured, (think Apple and their love-hate relationship with Microsoft). 

Then there is the civilization of metal-men on the planet junction, a civilization of robots and machines who thrive on the Black Hole’s monopoly of space travel ( think Google using the internet to reach users who mostly use Microsoft Windows ) –> this making me laugh: Googlers and Robots.

And of course, we have the rebellion against Black Hole (think the open-source movement).

So I’m wondering who in Yahoo! will play the roles of Lucky and Sean Junknowitz, Eddie, Ziggy, Asia, and the rest of their posse?


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