December 25, 2009

Just finished reading SuperFreakonomics. Was’nt as explosive as the book cover suggested. It was’nt as mind-bending as the original was but then that’s how sequels go. I might have to reread the original and then come back to this again. It might help me appreciate this more.


Moving from Scheme to OCAML

December 20, 2009

So I started learning OCAML and I’m already missing Scheme …

Programming a Brain

December 19, 2009

The other day I was thinking that its only a matter of time that an artificial machine would be constructed that would be as sophisticated and  powerful as the human brain is today. That would become the “brain” of something. But then I thought that would actually be the easy part. “Easy” being a relative term here. The really hard problem would be programming this machine. Would it even be possible for human beings to program this computing machine? And if it was possible to program this machine,  would it  be economically feasible to program this machine so that it works correctly? Producing bug-free software to run any reasonably complex system is virtually impossible today. Hell, we can’t even get bug-free drivers for a simple devices yet. How in the world are we going to get program a computing device of the complexity of a human brain.

My own take is that we’ll probably figure out how to replicate the human brain within the century. Human beings are then going to have to find a short-cut to program the machine because with our current software production model I don’t think we’re never be able to release a software to run this machine. All this singularity stuff is still far off in the future. 

Seattle 1/2 Marathon

December 4, 2009

2:01 h – 13.1 miles

Philadelphia Marathan 2009 Result

December 4, 2009

3:46:45 h