Whole Wheat Past + Vodka Sauce + Italian Meatballs =

February 24, 2008



Munjed’s Middle Eastern Cafe

March 31, 2007

Today, I went to Munjed’s. This as the name suggests is a middle eastern restaurant. Its a Saturday night as I write this, and there was’nt a crowd even though Westcott street is full of student residences for folks attending Syracuse University. I guess its spring break or something. Anyway, we got seating immediatly. I ordered the chwarma dinner, which was delicious. The beef was very tender and well done. Normally, I prefer my beef to be medium-rare, I guess the spices in which the food was prepared in really made it worhwhile. Served with pita bread and humus, the meal was delicious. The nice part of the place was that the portions werereally reasonable. I topped it off with some baklava, which was delicious, but not as delicious as some of the home-made baklava I’ve had.

The way chwirma was served at Munjed’s was different from other places where I’ve ordered chwirma. First, it was spelt differently. Normally, I’ve seen written as “shwarma”. Secondly, it was served already wrapped in the pita bread, not seperate like at Mujed’s. I guess it allowed for people having different preferences. The falafel was awesome. Other folks in my party ordered various forms of kebabs like sheesh kebabs and chicken kebabs, which were also highly regarded. I guess I’ll have to try those the next time I go there.

Here’s a review.

China Road

March 24, 2007

There are many Chinese restaurants in the Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Liverpool area. One of my favorites is China Road on Rt. 11 in Mattydale. This reataruant in Shenzuan cuisine. I’m not sure what other Chinese cuisines there are, but the super spicy beef (shreded beef with chinese hot peppers) is my favorite. Couple that with Scallion Pancakes and some beer, you’ve got a great meal. Other people got some other dishes, and I sampled the vegetarion chicken(?) and duck(?). They taste good but their names are somewhat oxymoronic. Kungpao dishes are pretty cool, but I prefer them with the real thing instead of all that tofu stuff. As far as drinks are concerned, I tried some Tsingtao beer. That’s an imported beer from China. It was a kind of a mild beer, that went well with the beef. Not sure about the % of alcohol.


March 23, 2007

is a great restaurant. Its over here. Here’s a review for a different restaurant under the same management.

Olive Garden’s Alfredo Crab Venezia

March 17, 2007

This afternoon, while I was running my usual 3 miles on the treadmill at my local gym, I saw an ad for Olive Garden where they were advertising their new menu and their new Alfredo Crab Venezia. I’m not a big fan of Olive Garden and their alfredo sauce because it really messes up my diet, but that dish looked absolutely delicious. I looked at the odometer and thought that I could handle a plate of Venezia easily.

So around 8 pm today, a friend and I met up at the local Olive Garden on Rt 31 in Clay. Luckily for us, the wait was only 20 to 25 minutes, which I whiled away on a bottle of Yuengling. I started off with a minestrone soup. I figured that with all the cream and fatty sea-food I would be eating later, I might as well start off with something light. Plus, the server just rattled off with a very wierd Italian sounding names for various soup, and they did’nt pass the name-sound test I have when I’m selecting something to eat.

Soon after that, the Crab Alfredo Venezio arrived, and it was delicious. The soft rubbery crab meat was really succulent and flavor-ful. In fact, I enjoyed the meat so much, I decided to leave the crab meat for the last few bites, so that I could savor the taste a little more. I had some. I had some Principato Rosato, which is one Olive garden’s signature wines. I had it because it was one of their complementary wines. I should have ordered something more bolder, like a red wine. It did’nt really do much for me.

A very pleasent and enjoyable dinner. Unfortunately, the Crab Venezia is only on the menu for a short time. So if you can get past the inevitable mass-produced quality of a eating franchise, I suggest you give this dish a shot.